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Prem Rawat's House of Maharaji Drek
Not even a leaf moves a millimetre without Maharaji's wish.
(Maharaji, date unknown)
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Important Message from Maharaji (Prem Rawat)

You know some people don't like rich people. They have this idea or that idea of what it is to be rich. But they really don't know. It's not easy to be rich. It isn't. Once you've made your first million, you need another to protect it. Then you have two million, and you'll need another two million to protect those two million. Then you'll have four million and you'll need another four million to protect those four million, and then you'll have eight million. Of course then you'll need another 8 million to protect those eight million and then you'll have 16 million... it isn't easy, it's not what you think.

Maharaji speaking at Long Beach 1995
(Maharaji, will you still like me if I'm poor?)

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***New*** and Improved

2021/03/29 Take a trip to the Prem's SmartCard Office
2021/02/06 Blast from the past: Heaven's Gate suicide cult (Some links work and some don't)
2019/12/27 Excerpts from Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji movie

***Old news***

2009/10/20 Mike Finch's Book - Without The Guru
2006/03/20 New Bird's Eye images of the Malibu Rez - Thanks to Microsoft Live™
2005/06/22 How I Was Stood Up By The Venusians - Column by Robert Scheer in L.A. Time from April 1, 1997
2005/04/01 Is Maharaji Good Medicine? - Article in Isle of Wight County Press by Charlotte Hofton
2005/03/13  (dead link)  - Use your SmartCard to help find Maharaji
2005/02/28 Maharaji is a Rapper. Hear him sing to hiphop beats.
2005/01/09 Shri Hans Ji Maharaj - Reveals His Knowledge to the World
2004/12/25 Christmas Bonus - Channeling Nirava
2004/08/20 Thumbnail Index to the Hilltop Collection
2004/08/20 Thumbnail Index to the Frédéric Collection
2004/08/20 Thumbnail Index to the Drek Collection
2004/08/10 Stolen from GeoCities - The Lord of the Dance - A must see!
2004/06/25 Enjoying Life with Knowledge Parody by Francois - A must see!
2003/11/15 Chapter 14 of CORN - Ass, Gas, or Grass - Nobody Rides for Free
2003/05/12 See pictures of Maharaji's Malibu mansion
2003/02/26 Scanned Divine Times and AIID
2000/08/30 Picture of a Canadian DLM membership card (circa the Millenium of 1973)
2000/01/19 Astrologer Jonathon Cainer in Private Eye again - Super Hot!
1999/10/16 Satellite image of Malibu Marble Palace
1999/10/15 Sounds from the World of Knowledge
1999/09/21 Maharaji's Corporate Shenanigans - See why He's rich and you're not
1999/09/20 Who is Satpal Maharaj? - Maharaji's older brother!
1999/05/25 Picture of Maharaji dancing in mala with flute
1999/05/06 Standard Premie Maharajia Apologia Rebuttals
1999/04/27 Maharaji's Monkey Trap - what M's webpage should look like

Strong Links

Ex-Premie Resources - Excellent informational content -Meditation techniques, historical info, etc. - Former Instructor and PAM and Great Guy - Mike Finch - A multimedia website with videos, audio, and images of Maharaji - The Life and Career of Prem Rawat

Forums where you can chit chat with other premies and ex-premies

The Prem Rawat Talk Forum - Discussion about Maharaji and escaping the cult

A short list of Maharaji resources

(Many of the Maharaji websites are no longer working.) - The Prem Rawat Foundation - Official Site - Get your SmartCard here! Don't leave home without it. - Official Site  (dead link)  - Maharaji .Net (just like Microsoft, an new incarnation) - Official Site
Elan Vital  (dead link that might contain malware)  - Informational Content - Official Site  (dead link)  - Informational Content - Official Site  (under construction)  Raj Vidya Kender - The Indian Charity Org - Official Site  (dead link, but if you click it will prompt to send an email)  Indian DUO - Official Site  (dead link, but if you click it will prompt to send an email)  - The real DUO, doing real charity work (dead link that might contain malware)  - Buy your trinkets here - Official Site - RIP 2002-01-01  (dead link)  - Keep in touch here - Official Site - RIP 2002-01-01  (dead link)  - Buy your trinkets here or make a contribution - Official Site  (dead link)  - For Those Who Appreciate The Teachings Of Maharaji  (nearly dead)  - Chat, Premie Music, Love Site Gallery, Arti, and More
EverSound - Purchase premie music, DVDs,videos and More
Amaroo.Org - Amaroo offers freedom and room for spontaneity that does not exist in halls and conference centres.
Ivory's Rock Conference Centre  (nearly dead)  - The "public" face of Maharaji's remote Jonestown (a/k/a Amaroo)
EverSound Maharaji DVDs and Videos - Purchase it here! - Another link to EverSound to buy Maharaji's words of peace!
Aspirare  (dead link)  - Buy your Maharaji pens, coffee mugs, etc.  (dead link)  - What's happening in all the premie communities - a slick but very lame Maharaji lovefest website  (dead link)  Use your SmartCard to help find Maharaji

False links to other false Gurus and Prophets

Links to external sites on the Web that have information about other gurus and spiritual leaders.

Other gurus and spiritual leaders

Weak and Missing Links

Links to external sites on the Web that have interesting trivial information about Maharaji.


Hot Links

The Chronicles of the Red Nighty (CORN)

A fictional romance novel of sexual repression, betrayal, and the ultimate search for the truth.
Authored by Ms. Conception, Mr. History, Lena, Pink Pajamas,Pink On Red, Red Red, Tacky Romance Novelist, Carlos Guzman, and more.
A note to parents: This material may not be suitable for children due to explicit sexual content and adult themes.


Standard Premie Maharajia Apologia Rebuttals

The Maharajia Apologia is a useful list of standard Premie rebuttals that are often used when in debates about Maharaji and His Knowledge. At some point the Premie will pull out one or more of these defenses. Memorize and know the standard defenses and when you are debating anticipate their use and say it before they do. They will quickly realize that they are not dealing with some Joe off the street, but, instead, the Amazing Kreskin.

The Apologia

Enjoying Life With Knowledge (ELK) Parody

This is an absolutely MUST SEE website that was put on GeoCities by a hardcore premie named Francois. This is a MUST SEE. And now, it's a DEAD LINK. Nobody cares anymore.

Enjoy Now!

Guru Maharaji's SmartCard Office

Visit Guru Maharaji's SmartCard Office and see what it takes to get a SmartCard. Keep in mind the Donations link at the bottom of the page might be useful in expediting your card. It all smells pretty culty, though.

Get Smart!

Pictures of Maharaji's Malibu Palace

Malibu, California, home to the rich and the beautiful, including Maharaji.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous in Malibu

Scanned Publications

And It Is Divine (AIID) and Divine Times scans.

See Sick and Dirty Magazines

Maharaji's Corporate Shenanigans

See how HE does it.
See how HE pays no taxes.
See how PAMs get rich.
See why PAMs get front row seats.

Corporate Stuff

***Best of the Forum***

Posts that we have deemed worthy of being read again and again.

The ***BEST***

Shri Hans Maharaji (father of Prem Rawat or Maharaji)

The Great Spiritual Master of the 20th Century Reveals His Knowledge to the World
Over the last few years more and more people throughout the world have been inspired deep within inside by the Great Spiritual Master, Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, who left his physical body in 1966.

The Holy Father

Satpal Maharaj

Satpal (aka Bal Bhagwan Ji), the other Guru Maharaji, Prem Pal's oldest brother also reveals the exact same Knowledge that Dad, Shri Hans gave them. Take your pick. The monopoly has been broken.

The Holy Brother Satpal

Hear Rap star Maharaji (Prem Rawat) sing in an effort to lure in young people.

Hear Prem Rawat rap to some cool chill hiphop music.

Hip Hop on the Rocks

Knowledge or meditation techniques as taught by Michio Kushi (RIP)

Michio Kushi is a well known expert on macrobiotic foods and other health issues. In his book, "The Book of the Do-IN" Kushi explains in detail and with pictures four meditation techniques that look amazinly similar to the guarded techniques that Maharaji teaches.

Michio Kushi's Free Knowledge

From the Pulpit of the Reverend John Hammond-Smyth (RIP)

Sermon 745 - All hail the great prophets!
Sermon 746 - And every eye shall see him
Sermon 747 - I am Alpha & I am Omega
Sermon 748 - The Lord tears down the temple
Sermon 749 - Exodus of children of Ex-prem July 8, 1999
Sermon 750 - The End Is (almost) Nigh November 18, 1999
Sermon 751 - David and Goliath October 8, 2000
Sermon 752 - The temptation of Michael October 6, 2000
Sermon 753 - The Prodigal Son November 16, 2000
Sermon 754 - Psalm number 134 (a Psalm of David) November 16, 2000
Sermon 755 - The Dead Sea Scroll March 16, 2001
Sermon 823 - The European Union expandeth its kingdom May 5, 2004 (Cinco de Mayo)

Songs and Poems

20001122 A midlife's tale... - poem by Larkin
20001122 Awakening - song by JohnT
20001122 Things beyond our ken - poem or a song by Larkin
20000919 All Hail to the Lord with the 100 ft yacht! - song by Larkin
20000919 If I had a hammer... - song by Larkin
20000912 So farewell then... - poem by Larkin (about Shroomananda)
19991226 You want iambic pentametre? - poem by Larkin
19991226 Fill yer boots, one more time... - poem by Larkin
19991103 Rock Me, Maharaji - song by Carlos Guzman
19991014 Journey's End - poem by Larkin
19991014 Nursery Crimes - poem by Larkin
19990912 Flabberwocky - poem by dv
19990904 Something in the air - poem by Larkin
19990616 Dylan's Everybody must get stoned by RT
19990616 Buffalo Springfield's For What It's Worth by RT
19990616 Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band Against the Wind by RT
19990420 Arti - traditional song by Larkin

Believe It Or Not

Stories presented for your consideration
Stare (Visual Information Inquiry) Issue 803 Stare is published on the premise that art still is fun. Yes it's magical, enlightening, mysterious...
Amazing little story about naked women and photographing them in front of a picture of Maharaji, but Maharaji's image refuses to develop!

Imaginary Links

Definitely, absolutely fiction.

Links to Personal Pages

1999-04-18 (Pro) Some Guy's Adventures in Thought including Quotes from Maharaji

Famous Premies: Where are they now?

Can we talk about this?

The Picture Gallery

Fun Pics from the World of Maharaji
General Pics and Quotes
Hilltop's Pictures and Quotes of Maharaji from Magazines
Frédéric's pictures
Kaliman's pictures
Pictures of the Rise and Fall of Blue Aquarius
Picture of a Canadian DLM membership card (circa the Millenium of 1973)
Houston Astrodome, site of Millenium festival of 1973
Maharaji showing his forgiveness and love to ex-premies
Cover of Divine Light - Guru Puja Special circa 1971
Satellite image of Malibu Marble Palace

The Sound Studio

Strange sounds from the World of Knowledge

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