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You've been on the operating table just long enough to realize that the patient is you.
(Maharaji - Prem Rawat, date unknown)
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The Standard Maharajia Apologia

From time to time Premies (followers of Maharaji) will come to the Ex-Premie Forum located at www.ex-premie.org and engage in spirited debate. The Ex-Premies (former followers of Maharaji) will challenge the Premies' faith and beliefs with facts, substantiated allegations, and documented evidence. Ultimately, the Premies resort to what has been determined a standard repertoire of defenses and rebuttals.

A loosely organized committee representing Ex-Premies of various backgrounds with much experience in the endless debates has come up with a list of standard responses a Premie will use when cornered and almost about to face the ultimate truth - their doubts.

Memorize and know the standard defenses and when you are debating anticipate their use and say it before they do. They will quickly realize that they are not dealing with some Joe off the street, but, instead, the Amazing Kreskin.

One last minute suggestion, unfortunately, did not make the list - It's a free world. So, when reading this list of Maharaji Apologia ask yourself how free is your world.

Maharajia Apologia

  1. Maharaji never did x. You're lying, making it up, someone's tricked you or you're just mistaken. Maybe someone else did x in Maharaji's name but he certainly had nothing to do with it.

  2. Maharaji never said x. You're lying, making it up, someone's tricked you or you're just mistaken. You have no proof and even if you do those transcripts were often faulty. Or, if you heard it from someone else, maybe they were lying. You'll never know.

  3. If Maharaji said x, he didn't mean 'x'. That's the trouble with you, you take things too literally. He never meant it that way, etc. etc. Words are tricky, that's all the more reason to not trust them. Get past the words,get into the feeling.

  4. Nothing's changed: Maharaji's message is exactly the same as it was years ago.

  5. Everything's changed: Maharaji's evolved too over the years.

  6. Or, alternatively, he still means it. That is, he IS bringing peace to the world, he IS the Supreme Lord in Human form, etc. Your problem is that you just can't understand these things with your limited mind.

  7. Even if Maharaji made some mistakes he doesn't owe you or anyone an explanation. Who do you think you are, anyway?

  8. Maharaji's already more than explained and accounted for all of his past(and present). You're just too thick to listen, that's all.

  9. Maybe Maharaji WILL answer you if you ask him nicely. Or maybe if you waited longer.

  10. You just can't use your mind to understand the master. That's what makes him a master. Neat eh?

  11. Oh yeah, even if Maharaji did or said x, it didn't affect me personally so what do I care?

  12. Even if M did or said x, he doesn't do it anymore, that was 20 years ago and all people criticizing him are living in the past. M got rid of DLM and all the other terrible stuff that he never wanted anyway and he did it for our benefit;

  13. Everyone who criticizes M has something emotionally or psychologically wrong with them, they are simply angry, vindictive people, now part of an anti-Maharaji cult, and therefore you can't believe anything they say;

  14. This whole discussion is due to Jim Heller [or Brian, JW, etc.], who has a mysterious power over people, is actually now the anti-Maharaji cult leader, and without him, nobody would be complaining;

  15. Mahararji has 'evolved' (even M argues THIS) and, apparently, all that 'I am God' stuff was just part of a natural evolution and all part of the (divine) plan;

  16. You can't prove anything. What you are saying might not necessarily be true and therefore I don't believe it. Even if M says he is a fradulent scumbag, you can't prove he really said it.

  17. Who am I to judge?

  18. Reality's relative. What's true for you might not be true for me.

  19. Rationality's relative. You've got your version and I've got mine. Who's to say whose is any better?

  20. You yourself were once a premie and now look how you've reversed yourself. You've obviously squandered your credibility so why should anyone take you seriously now?

  21. One doesn't even have to admit that one's defending Maharaji so long as one can find another way of describing one's words.

  22. Lila. It's all the play of the Lord (who works in mysterious ways).

  23. The Perfect Master is the Perfect Mirror. He reflects your state of mind...so since all you ex-premies are obviously, like, y'know, totally negative, that's how he appears to you...negative.

  24. All ex-premies never had understanding, never experienced knowledge, never followed Maharaji's directions, and therefore never gave either knowledge nor Maharaji a chance. This is true even of people who practiced knowledge for 20 years, lived in the ashram for 10 years, and followed agya to the letter. Somehow they just didn't get it, and that isn't Maharaji's fault, despite the fact that he is supposedly their 'master' and 'teacher.'

  25. I don't care who he is, even if he's the devil himself, I would follow him straight to hell.

  26. I refuse to waste any time talking to anyone who's just looking to box me up and package me.

  27. Nobody put a gun to your head!

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