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Prem Rawat's House of Maharaji Drek
You've been on the operating table just long enough to realize that the patient is you.
(Maharaji - Prem Rawat, date unknown)
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8 meter resolution of Malibu Rez
Image is © Copyright 1996 AERIAL IMAGES, INC. All Rights Reserved

This photo of Maharaji's Malibu Marble Palace is from outer space! Yes, way the hell out there! We can only hope that one day Maharaji and a select few of his quality staff will eat their pudding and return to the mothership that is hiding behind the SOVINFORMSPUTNIK satellite. Until that day Maharaji continues to live his pampered life at Anacapa View Estates at 5865 S. Rambla del Oro, Malibu, California.

The white arrow points to the Rez which is seen as a small white circle at the end of a ridge that points south. South or slightly beyond the bottom of the image is Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and the Pacific Ocean, the inspirational sea of diamonds. Compare the size of the Rez with other tiny white dots that represent the modest houses of other Malibu elite. It's huge!

See the blueprint at www.ex-premie.org for details on the Rez. Note that the master bedroom, labeled 1, on the blueprint coincides with the slight extension or point at the bottom.

My sources at the Rez have said that the structure was built to withstand an earthquake at magnitude 9 on the Richter scale. Not having been on the premie-slave labor pyramid work crew I am speculating that such a structure might be built from heavily reinforced concrete.

The following technical information is based on a collage of six images whereas I'm only presenting one image. However, most of the following is true.

About the SPIN-2 Image Source
This page describes the meta-data from the source image. The image you are viewing is 600 pixels wide by 400 pixels high. At the current "zoom level", each pixel represents 8 by 8 meters of earth. The image was extracted from a SPIN-2 image provided by Aerial Images, Inc. and SOVINFORMSPUTNIK.
SPIN-2 Source Image Dimensions 106774 pixels wide by 62203 pixels high.
meters wide by meters high.
Satellite Altitude 235.6 kilometers above the earth
Sun Angle 15.8 degrees
NorthWest Corner Point Latitude 34.3957, Longitude -119.313
NorthEast Corner Point Latitude 34.3957, Longitude 33.4524
SouthEast Corner Point Latitude -117.347, Longitude 33.4524
SouthWest Corner Point Latitude -117.347, Longitude -119.313
Source Image Date 15 Mar 1998 16:25:13 GMT
Image Resolution 1.56m meters per pixel
Sampled to 1.0 meters per pixel
Frame Number A1924881
Camera System KVR-1000
Insert Date 6/28/99 9:44:26 PM
Image Filename a1924881-84_width_106774_height_62203.vrt
Meta-data Filename g:\spintape14\a1924881-84.omd

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