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You've been on the operating table just long enough to realize that the patient is you.
(Maharaji - Prem Rawat, date unknown)
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Subject: Rock Me, Maharaji
From: Carlos Guzman
To: All
Date Posted: Tues, Nov 02, 1999 at 00:00:00 (XDT)

Rock Me, Maharaji

Everything was fun at first
Things then went to hell and worse
Blob of all the Universe
Came down to snuff my life

I was just his little toy
Rawat took away my joy
Then He began to lie
And so quickly lost my way
I will sell you peace he said
And at his feet I would be bled

So neuter me Maharaj and roll me a joint
Sock me Maharaj Ji and say it's your right
You're so ri.......ght.

Give him all your hopes and dreams
Give him all your worldly schemes
Everyone who leaves in tears
Receives his holy blame

Pictures of him warts and all
Premies don't you whine or cry
There's so many reasons why
your lord is to fall
Living with Satguru's curse
I am yours my phony lord...

So beat me Maharaji
and I'll roll your joints
Rape me Maharaji
and say it's my fault
It's all li....es.

Turned the TV off
Crap from a satellite
With this remote control
I've regained my life

Polywhompus Param Sant Ji Maharaj is love...
In Maharaj Ji's love.

So fuck you Maharaji
and roll your own joints
Stick it to Maharaji
and say you're all right
It's your li........fe.
90-100: As good as Sex Pistols God Save the Queen or Howl
80-89: Good beat, easy to dance to
70-79: Better than Blue Aquarius
60-69: As good as One Foundation
Less than 60: Worse than Maharaji's music or poems

Legal Disclaimer
This is a fictional work.
All characters and events portrayed are fictional.
Any similarity to real persons other than Public Persons is strictly coincidental.
Any similarity to real events is also coincidental.

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