Shri Hans Ji Maharaj
The Great Spiritual Master of the 20th Century
Reveals His Knowledge to the World

Over the last few years more and more people throughout the world have been inspired deep within inside by the Great Spiritual Master, Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, who left his physical body in 1966.
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By His Grace we have created this Internet Site to his Glory so that brothers and sisters everywherecan receive and begin to practice this Supreme Knowledge. Bhole Shri Satguru Dev Maharaj Ki Jai. Bhole Shri Satguru Dev Maharaj Ki Jai.
As Maharaji has said: "You know not the value of this human frame. It is the greatest blessing of God to you. You are wasting your breaths in the pursuits of worldly life. Let every breath be spent in meditation on God. You know not the greatness of the Guru. Lord Rama was an incarnation of God, enjoying 14 types of divine powers. Lord Krishna was an incarnation of God, having 16 types of divine powers. But I am all perfect, and am the master of all 64 divine powers. None can match the greatness of the Guru."

As Knowledge is free and freely available, feel free to download a zipped file of this Shri Hans Ji Maharaj Home Page and install it on any internet site of your own.(simply unzip it and upload it, it requires no editing though you can add anything you think appropriate to His Glory, especially your personal satsang about the benefits and joys of practising this Knowledge.

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In nearly all channelled communication and direct inspirations
Shri Hans stresses that his sons PremPal and SatPal have no authority to reveal this Holy Knowledge.
We are just beginning to spread Shri Hans' Glory on the internet. Soon we will have movies and other historic materials posted here.