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You've been on the operating table just long enough to realize that the patient is you.
(Maharaji - Prem Rawat, date unknown)
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From the Pulpit of
Reverend John Hammond-Smyth
Sermon 751
David and Goliath
October 8, 2000 in the year of our lord
Here's the missing sermon which should come before my last one (which is on your site). As you can see, it chronicles that bleak period of history which is known as The Great Deletion and is proof that the great deletion really did happen and only those who had built their ark of the backup were saved.

David and Goliath

And it came to pass that the boy (Sir) David built an temple unto the Lord God in human form and many children of ex-premie.org didst come and wonder at the sights therein. Indeed, even the Children of Prem didst frequent that place for the web counter didst shew it to be true.

And there came into the land, a fierce and mighty giant whose name was Goliath of Haharaji's Lawyers and he didst smite down the temple of the boy David and destroy all remnants of that holy place. And alas the giant didst also go to the Temple of Drek and knock down the walls and shattered all the holy icons with big boobies and shrines unto the Lord.

And there was a great tribulation and a wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst the children of ex-premie.org and then a giant cloud of darkness didst descend which was the shadow of the giant and he didst smite with his sword at the very heart of the temple of DLM/Elan Vital Papers and didst burn all the scriptures therein until no trace was left.

And the Lord Haharaji didst celibrate in the kingdom of his kitchen and didst light up a Malboro and drink a goblet of the holy water of Cognac and didst say unto Guru Charnanand - See how easily mine enemies do crumble. For it is written in the DLM/Elan Vital Papers that I have come with more power than ever before!

And Charnanand didst bow low before his Lord because he knew which side his bread was buttered and he didst praise and fawn and kiss his feet because he was a shining eggsample of the Lord's knowledge.

And these things didst happen at the start of the new age in the forty second year of our Lord's reign. And the battle between Lord Haharaji and the children of ex-prem didst rage on as it is written in the next chapter...
Legal Disclaimer
This is a fictional work.
All characters and events portrayed are fictional.
Any similarity to real persons other than Public Persons is strictly coincidental.
Any similarity to real events is also coincidental.

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