House of Maharaji Drek

The Rise and Fall of Blue Aquarius

(Be sure to read the letter from Maharaji firing the band)

back_cover.jpg 100.6K
record back cover
blue_aquarius_band_members_red.jpg 73.2K
Blue Aquarius members
blue_aquarius_review_hype.jpg 112.0K
Blue Aquarius review
front_cover.jpg 61.3K
record front_cover
inner_left_the_band.jpg 63.9K
record inner left
inner_right_songlist.jpg 63.4K
record inner right songlist
inner_right_the_book_bottom.jpg 45.9K
record inner right bottom
inner_right_who_is_guru_maharaji_book.jpg 51.5K
record inner right book
maharaji_letter_disbanding_the_band.jpg 81.5K
Letter from Maharaji firing the band
millenium_ok_hand.jpg 19.1K
Millennnium ok hand
millennium_back_of_program.jpg 106.8K
Millennium back of program
vinyl_side1.jpg 74.4K
vinyl side 1
vinyl_side2.jpg 76.7K
vinyl side 2

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