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Prem Rawat's House of Maharaji Drek
You've been on the operating table just long enough to realize that the patient is you.
(Maharaji - Prem Rawat, date unknown)
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The Chronicles of the Red Nighty
A fictional romance novel of sexual repression, betrayal, and the ultimate search for the truth.

Authored by Mr. History, Selene, Ophelia, Reditor, Tacky Romance Novelist, Carlos Guzman, and more.

Chapter 1 - Don't Fall In Love
Chapter 2 - The Hatred
Chapter 3 - Come Up and See Me Some Time
Chapter 4 - Miami Vice and the DECA Blues
Chapter 5 - It's Snowing in Brisbane Again
Chapter 6 - Who am I to argue with Lila?
Chapter 7 - Kiss Me Once, You Fool?
Chapter 8 - Just living to serve
Chapter 9 - Shattered Into A Million Pieces And No Way Out
Chapter 10 - Kissimmee, Kiss It Goodbye
Chapter 11 - Holy Smokes!
Chapter 12 - Epiphany in Kissimmee - Intellect Is A Curse
Chapter 13 - Mother Pine Tree
Chapter 14 - Ass, Gas, or Grass - Nobody Rides for Free
Chapter 15 - Extreme Unction

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