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Om let me see


the tune of


'Against The Wind'
This is for all you Exesí who sincerely help others leave Maharajiís Cult.

...And so, they write off into the Pun set, armed with only their Life and The Inner Brain.. they are.. the True TAO-boys of the Internet! Gu-Ru Away!

Whim: 1. A sudden or capricious idea: a passing fancy. 2. Arbitrary thought or impulse. Example: 'Maharaji had a
for letting his followers stay confused but devoted through exploitative videos.' See Cultic Programming.

Against The Whim
Thanks to Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, 1980

Seems like just a play,
but it was wrong ego.
The sisters were lovely, they were the Cream of the Cult
Sitting in darkness, with the cushions laying so, and...

...And 4 Techniques we Ďsharedí
- To Arti that we moved -
Caught in a brainwashing, out of control
Till there was nothing left to own - but framed photos for proof.

And I remember, Instructor said to me
How she swore my life to the end!
I remember how she held my ears oh-so-tight
Wish I didnít know now what I didnít know then!

Against The Whim
I AM Now Punning Against The Whim
I was done - and wronged - and Now Iím Punning Against The Whim

The tears rolled slowly past...
And I found myself a Loan.
Surrendered with Devotees I thought were my friends
Found myself further and further from buying a home.

I guess I lost my say.
There were oh so many roads.
I was living to Serve (and charging to live)
Never worrying about pain or even how much I owed.

Darshan?? - 8 cities a month for years at a time.
Breaking all of the rules except by Him
I began to found myself hurting:
Looking for Rawat in a Web search engine.

Against The Whim:
Ex-Premies Against The Whim!
I found myself in a Net Site Against The Whim!

~ piano segment ~

Well, those Serve-us days are passed me now
Iíve got so much more to think about:
Death, lives and Commitment
What to leave in.
When to leave doubt.

Against The Whim,
Iím still Running Against The Whim.
Iím older now, but still Running Against the Whim.

Well, Iím older now, and Iím still Gunning...Against The Whim.
Against The Whim
Against The Whim
Against The Whim

-Still Punning-
Against The Whim
Iím still running: I Canít Stand Him!
Against The Whim..
I was done in!
Against The Whim..
Iím still writing I Canít Stand Him
Against The Whim
- Still Coming -
Against The Whim.
Punning Against The Hymn
(Running; the rest is dim...)
Against The Whim

See the God-man writhe!
Watch the God-man writhe!
Against The Whim.
Watch the God-man writhing.
Against The Whim.
Weíll be writing Against the Whim
Against The Whim.

Let the TAO-boys Write!
Against The Whim.
Against The Whim.

Let the TAO-boys Write!
Against The Whim.
Theyíll be Writing Against The Whim.
Against The Whim!
Against The Whim.

Writing: I Canít Stand Him!
Against The Whim.
Against The Whim.

Write Write Write Write Right


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80-89: Good beat, easy to dance to
70-79: Better than Blue Aquarius
60-69: As good as One Foundation
Less than 60: Worse than Maharaji's music or poems