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Date: Thurs, Jan 27, 2000 at 18:53:19 (GMT)
From: Larkin
To: Carl Sandburg
Subject: You want iambic pentametre?
The minions from EV all read this site
Assure their friends itís but a load of shite
Tho' sometimes in the middle of the night
They worry: just suppose the forumís right...
And Prempalís just a lardy, bloated fraud
And not the one all-knowing perfect lord
Suppose the one whose form we have adored
Is one more dragon sitting on his hoard...
Whose breathís the kiss of death, whose Boundless Grace
A myth constructed on a groundless base
Insipid grins all gazing into space
Whose shabby little cultís a damned disgrace..
Whose saints arenít even fit to be let loose
Who even closed his eyes to child abuse
Whoís passed the buck although heís no excuse...
Believe it, Prem, weíre gonna cook your goose!

90-100: As good as Sex Pistols God Save the Queen or Howl
80-89: Good beat, easy to dance to
70-79: Better than Blue Aquarius
60-69: As good as One Foundation
Less than 60: Worse than Maharaji's music or poems