Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Eternal is He,
Eternal is His Knowledge

Originally Published by Divine Light Mission,
B-19/3, Shakti Nagar, Delhi 7, India - 1970
1st edition - 20,000 copies
8th November, 1970
Price Rs. 3.00
Printed at Albion Press, Delhi 6.

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Part 1
A Panoramic View of Shri Maharaji's Life and Activities
Founding of the Mission
The Problem of Peace and Divine Light Mission - An Answer
Shri Hans Ji Maharaj and Prevailing Religious Sects
Part 2
As I Saw Maharaji
Shri Hans Ji Maharaj - A Divine Personality
Yogiraj Param Sant Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj
Shri Maharaj Ji on the Gita
Part 3
The Essence of the Gita Extracted by Shri Hans Ji Maharaj
Spiritual Master
Devotional Songs
Sayings of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj
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(Page vii-viii)
The Divine Light Mission owes its birth and growth to its founder, the late Shri Hans Ji Maharaj whose birthday is celebrated on November 8, 9, and 10 every year under the auspices of the Mission. It is with the grace of our Satgurudev, Shri Sant Ji Maharaj and our patron Shri Jagat Janani Mataji that the governing body of Divine Light Mission resolved to bring out a commemoration volume not only to perpetuate the memory of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj but to enlighten the masses with his teachings which are the core of all religions and their doctrines.

Shri Hans Ji Maharaj was a beacon showing the path of light to lakhs of people in India and was worshipped by them as their Satguru. He was an ideal saint, but more than that he was the perfect karma yogi.

The members of the Divine Light Mission are indebted to him for imparting the knowledge of Divine Light and Sabad Brahm. The message of Shri Maharaj Ji has a special significance in the modern context, for without this knowledge of the true self of man there cannot be any possibility of peace on this earth. It is not until man finds his divinity and shines in the glow of the inner light that love will reign and mankind be truly united. Guru Maharaj Ji showed us that the responsibility for a fundamental change in this hate striven world lies with the individual, for unless we kill the hatred and the war within us there shall never be an end of strife without. The knowledge of the Divine Light and Name of God shows man the practical path to the kingdom of heaven where man shall not lift sword against man, neither shall he know war anymore.

We, the members of Divine Light Mission, pay our homage to our Satgurudev by bringing out this commemoration volume in his honor as the best possible monument depicting his life and teachings.
It is truly beyond the total comprehension of the human being to understand the fullness of the Satguru. Guru reveals himself to the disciple in proportion to the devotion an love of the devotee. We stand in awe of the greatness and glory of the Satguru who has shown us the wonders of the life divine. We have had glimpses of his greatness but the spiritual glory that lay within Maharaj Ji was of such magnitude that more words are unable to express it. His religion was realisation, and that experience cannot be communicated in words.

It is only to express the reverence and devotion that we feel for our beloved Satguru that we now present this commemoration volume before the public in the hopes that it may enlighten them on to the path shown by Maharaj Ji.

For Maharaj Ji often used to stress that in working for the good of others our own good is attained and that the highest philanthropy to mankind is to propagate the divine message to others in the heartfelt hope that they might benefit by it.

We place this volume before the lotus feet of Satgurudev in our earnest love and surrender to his glory, and pray that He may bless with His grace. It was only he who showed us the path to God. Guru alone is worthy of our reverence. We bathed in His grace and light and now, with a purified, humble heart offer our prayer that his guidance may remain with us always through the grace of Shri Sant Ji Maharaj.

Glory to Shri Hans Ji Maharaj Ji
Glory to Shri Sant Ji Maharaj Ji


We, the Members of Divine Light Mission.


(Page ix-x)
In the annals of mankind there has always appeared a great Spiritual Master at every critical juncture who has saved humanity from an impending crisis. Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, the founder of the Divine Light Mission was such a Divine Master. His contribution to the moral and spiritual uplift of mankind is too great to be expressed in words. Even the scriptures try in vain to sing the glory of a Satguru. Guru Nanak aptly said 'Sant ki Mahima ved na Jane ...' The greatness and glory of Saints can not be depicted even by the Vedas.

Innumerable were those who were the beneficiaries of His grace and Holy discourses, and were endowed with Spiritual insight. How vividly I remember the spiritual comfort and blissful experiences that I enjoyed by His grace and in His company. Even now his divine figure conjures up before my mind in my lonely moments and inspires me on to tread the path of righteousness.

He gifted me with Knowledge Divine. On the day of Initiation, I was reborn spiritually and learnt the true nature of the 'Self'. How simple is the knowledge. How secret is the knowledge. Light shines in man, but how sad it is that he gropes in darkness without the grace of a Guru.

Shri Maharaj Ji gave me the key to open the inner recesses of my heart, a ladder to climb up to the kingdom of Heaven, to drink the divine nectar, and to open the third eye in order to visualise the self-effulgent light. With this knowledge came a true understanding of the scriptures. He solved the riddle of life for me. Life became meaningful, a divine gift to realise Divinity.

The overall development of the individual and the inner transformation of man's personality is only possible through the medium of this very knowledge. Nowadays we talk of reforming the educational system in India, discuss about the growing indiscipline among the students, deplore the deteriorating moral and spiritual values, not only among the students, but in society at large. We have made many experiments and tried many methods to improve the tone of education, but the confusion has become more pronounced and the problem more problematic. To my mind the only answer to this problem is the spiritual knowledge imparted by Shri Hans Ji Maharaj.

If education means the development of the child, if it means to make all-round improvement in the child, then my humble submission is that the knowledge of the Holy Name and Divine Light, or spiritual knowledge, is the only panacea for all ills. Nations become great and strong by individuals, and individuals become great and strong by the knowledge of the spirit. Shri Maharaj Ji's greatest contribution in this distracted world was the dissemination of that knowledge which disciplines the mind and transforms the individual.

He was a realised soul who awakened the people to the loftiest goal of life. His clarion call was, 'awake, and stop not till the goal is reached'. Let the calmness of the divine life be not lost to the din and noise of the mundane life. Let the momentary gains of the world not make man lose the gem of life. Life is more precious than material gains. Divinity is more precious than life itself. Let this human life be utilised for attaining Divinity.

Shri Maharaj Ji eulogised the religion of spirit and criticised institutionalised religions. Religion for Him was realisation, and He said, 'Religion does not mean to worship deities, to read scriptures, to take dips in the Holy Ganges or to recite Mantras. It is an unshakeable faith in truth and a ceaseless quest to realise it in the innermost part of our nature.'

The outer walls between man and man created by religions can only be shattered by the knowledge of the inner self, or soul, which is one for all, Maharaj Ji showed the unity and oneness of true knowledge in the diversity of outer forms, rites and rituals of different religions.

Maharaj Ji's life was a saga of dedication for the good of society, the enlightenment of the individual and the establishment of peace in the world, I take it as a divine privilege to portray some of the aspects of his divine personality, in whose grace I bathed and in whom I saw divinity manifested. The subsequent articles which make the contents of this volume are not a single man's work. Many contributed to this volume, thus paying their homage to their Satgurudev, who brought inner transformation in their lives. It was not possible to add all of them in this volume, due to the paucity of time, but in its second edition many new articles will be added.

M. A. (History and Pol. Sc.)

(Page xi)
All ail unto the Guru, the Light Eternal.
That was in the beginning,
Even before Time had its birth,
All hail to the Divine Spirit,
That existed in the past infinity of ages.
All hail unto the Master Spirit, who is and shall
Ever and ever be Truth Eternal.

(Page xii)

Make us, O Lord, worthy of this great mission.
We are but Thy humble servant, O great God.
Could we carry such light and inspiration
As to change the outlook of the whole world ?
Great is Thy mission, O Lord.
So humble are we.
But we will obey Thy commands with all our heart.
Be thou our guide and our voice, O Lord.
Be Thou our power and Light, O Eternal Father.
May we ever abide in Thee, O Lord.

Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj
(Page xiii)

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