The Knowledge Session

You, who are about to receive Knowledge should take these vows to Shri Guru Maharaj Ji:

- To follow Maharaji's five commandments

- To practice satsang, service, and meditation

say the following vows:

'Oh my Guru Maharaji, I dedicate myself to your lotus feet. I am weak and ignorant and am filled with the impurities of this world.
Oh Guru Maharaji, please take my mind and purge me of the impurities I possess. Reveal to me the knowledge of all knowledge.
Strengthen me, uplift me and reveal the kingdom of heaven within inside of me.
Bring me from hate to love, from darkness to light, death to immortality.
I will OBEY you implicitly and will never reveal this knowledge to anyone for any reason.
I will keep in contact with you through my DEVOTIONAL LOVE, satsang,meditation and service.
Thank you my LORD for everything.'

"This Knowledge is a sovereign science, a sovereign secret, supremely holy, most excellent, directly enjoyable, attended with virtue, very easy to practise and imperishable".
(Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9, slokas 1-2)

The Divine Light - Shabd Brahm

You first close your eyes. (They have to remain closed during the practice of all four techniques.) Your focus has to stay inside. Starting on the external edges of your eyes and using your thumb and your middle finger, following the rim of the eyelids, you gently and slowly bring your fingers to the median corner of your eyes, in contact with your eyelids. Then you rest them on that spot, these two fingers in touch with your eyelids and the bone of your nose.

You gently rest your index where it is, on a spot in the middle of your forehead, above the top of the nose. There's no need to press. Just keep your fingers steady so that your eyeballs don't move. You can rest your arm (elbow) on the arm of your armchair, on your chest or on a cushion. If you are right handed, use your right hand, if you are left handed, use your left hand. Don't switch hands if you get tired. If you get tired, put down your hand, relax, and then start again. The best thing is to find a good position where you can relax, and use a cushion to support your arm so that you don't have to make any effort creating tensions. Relax and focus inside. Then practice this first technique for 15 minutes.

The realised souls, when approached, open the divine eye through which the real form of God can be visualised."

The T-shaped arm support (known as a 'beragon') is typically made out of a few pieces of wood and a single coffee-table leg! As well as supporting the arms, it helps keep a straight back.

You cannot see Me with these gross eyes. I therefore bestow upon you the divine eye.'

"Blessed are those who find the True Master, and abide with him, for through His Grace only are they able to see and to hear God. By bathing in it's perfect harmonies, the static of our restless mind is cleansed away."

The Inner Music (Music of the Spheres)

You are going to use your right thumb to close your right ear, and your left thumb to close your left ear. Use the soft part (fleshy, where your fingerprints are) of the last phalanx of your thumbs (don't stick them into the ears), just gently close the opening of your ears, without pushing. Keep the trigus (small cartilage at the entrance of the ear duct) out. Rest the other four fingers on your forehead and your head. Let your focus go inside. Keep your eyes closed. You can rest your arms on an armchair, or your chest, or on a cushion. If you get tired, put your hands down, relax, and start again.

Keep your eyes closed. Rest your arms on a beragon (or relax against a wall and use your knees if you're feeling lazy), put a thumb in each ear and let your other fingers rest on your forhead. Try and concentrate on the sound you hear. Relax and go with what you feel.

 The Holy Name or Word of God

Sit in a comfortable position (a couple of cushions will help keep the back straight), keep your eyes closed, and concentrate on the breath as it comes in and goes out you. Focus on the "So-Ham" sound produced by your breath. Relax and go with what you feel.

Keep your eyes closed. Be aware of your breath going in, and your breath going out. Breath normally. Follow what you feel, and let your focus go inside.

The Nectar of the Gods

Push the tongue back past the tonsils and let it slide up into the nasal passage. You might not be able to push it that far, just push it as far as you can against your palate, and let it then rest.

Relax and go with what you feel.

"Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never be thirsty; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him as a well of water springing up into everlasting life." (John 4:10-4:14.)